Low cost open truck shipping

Anyone have any recommendations ?

I used Uship.com and usually people fight for best quote. They sucker you paying more if you need to ship right away. I had no rush to ship a BMW from CA to VA. I was getting quotes in 1000+ range… waited 2 weeks and shipped it for $675

Yeah all my quotes are 1000+ … I’ll just wait ! Thanks!

Only thing more shady than car dealerships is car shipping. Good luck.

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There has been a number of posts about shipping cars on here but haven’t seen anything about anyone recommending and verifying a good shipping company. The only thing I have seen is to make sure the person you’re using doesn’t outsource the work. That they are ones actually doing the shipping and make try and make sure your car is on top not bottom if they are using a dual level transport.

Most shipping is sub contracted (outsourced)… and you dont chose where the car sits on the trailer… and you dont have control with it being outsourced. They all say they dont/wont, but they will/do… and do not use Uship, anyone and everyone can bid to ship your car, and 99.99% of customers (us who want the car shipped) don’t know how to vet the carriers. This advice coming from a freight broker, so I do have many years of industry experience. Nowadays, anyone qualifies to be a truck driver. Thats a story for another day, though.