Loss of BMW corporate lease support over 5k miles?

I’m looking to lease a BMW 330ix retired courtesy vehicle, with over 7k miles on it. I do understand that there is a 4% residual deduction PLUS a .25/mile deduction for every mile over 500. So far so good.

What I hadn’t heard before is what a sales manager just told me, which is that, as he wrote, “if the vehicle has 5000 mi or above, it loses any lease support from BMW, ie. any Lease Rebates. For the 3-SERIES that would mean a loss of a $3000 rebate.”

Can anyone confirm this policy?


I’ve heard the same thing from some dealers

Confirmed - I found that out the hard way a couple of weeks back. I’ve heard some very anecdotal evidence that if a car is over the 5k limit but very close to it still (e.g. under 5500 miles on the odo) that they may be able to get the rebate applied from BMW, but I have not seen any physical contracts.

Thanks - appreciate the quick responses

Yes, I was told the dealership near me won’t actually lease for a retired loaner >5k for that reason.

Yes, any loaners with over 5k miles do not qualify for new lease incentives. Also, over 7k miles is 6% RV hit, not 4%, and the mileage penalty.

Is this still the case? I have seen some people get aggressive leases on 8-9k mileage vehicles.

It’s not happening. For starters, after 5,000 miles, there’s an automatic 7% residual drop. There has to be an FS exemption in general to lease over 5,000 miles. Where are you seeing these deals? 99% of what I’ve seen is under 5,000 and those deals over it are rare.

I had seen some on here. I was intersted in the black 4 series with almost 7500 miles


There are so many issues going on there.

  1. This is a USED vehicle, not an ex loaner.
  2. They had to get major exceptions for this, and it’s not something I would ever touch.
  3. This car was in an accident.
  4. You could get a new one/actual loaner for less.
  5. They want something in the neighborhood of this, but with $1,000 more out of pocket, so I have no clue how they’re calculating it, but like I said, no lease incentives:
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