Looking to transfer 328i Lease

I have a BMW 328i lease i am looking to get out of, its a pretty killer deal, 477/mo on a car with an msrp of $47,500. I think some of the hackers would be interested is there a section to post a transfer?

Can you please post model year, odometer miles, allowed miles, time left on lease, etc. Also, what is the transfer fee and do you know for sure if I would need to pay sales tax on the remaining payments? My understanding is yes (at least in NY), so that would add another $40/mo or so to the payment.

Its a 2014 (so the BMW maintenance plan will come with the car, 15 and newer the maintenance plan does not transfer).

The car was the dealerships general manager’s personal car and had approximately 7500 miles when I leased it. Currently the car has 21,500 miles. The total miles available on the lease without penalty is 43,470, about 1,450 a month or over 17,000 per year.

The lease is up the end of Sept 2017.

The transfer fee is $500 paid to BMW and you must qualify with them.

Taxes i am not sure of, but i think you are correct. I paid VA tax up front on the car ~$1600, i am not sure how NY taxes work with a lease transfer.

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Not a good lease for people in states that don’t pay tax on the entire price of the car like VA. If that car originated in a state that doesn’t charge tax on the whole car, it would prob be closer to $400. With that being said, it would be interesting to know how BMW would handle that because the car’s taxes are supposed to be adjusted according to where the car will be registered by the new owner. So if the car was registered in FL for example (where you don’t pay taxes on the entire car), do you get some of the tax back you overpaid and will they reprice the car accordingly? i think that’s worth investigating with BMW financial. It would be in everybody’s interest, the old owner gets some tax back and the new owner (if he’s in a state where tax is not paid on entire car) gets a lower payment.

I agree with you, transferring to states that tax payment probably doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you really like the car. That being said I have had a ton of traction from VA and MD both of which handle taxes the same way. You suggestion about contacting bmw financial is a good one, but at this point i don’t think I will have to worry about it.

Original owner won’t get any tax back in VA - it’s no different as with your normal lease end. Repricing for the new owner would be interesting, too. If the tax was not included in the lease and paid upfront, probably no adjustment. Or adjustment up (if it’s any state that charges tax - the new owner still has to pay tax on the remainder of the lease, even if the original owner had already paid it)?.

@conanohasselhof glad you’re getting interest from places with the same tax laws.

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