Looking to score a deal on a 2019 Challenger

Hi, does anyone know what the money factor, residual, and lease or loyalty credits if any for a 2019 dodge challenger scat pack widebody, for 30 months, 10k miles a year? My zip is 11703.

Thanks on advance.

Google edmunds lease forums for Challenger. They will have the info you seek.

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I think the July numbers update on Wednesday. The 4th of July Sale event was terrible for Scat Challengers. Equivalent of 5.5% APR and maybe $500-1,000 discount.

Waiting patiently here too for real incentives and a good MF.

Keep refreshing the Edmunds 2019 Challenger lease thread.

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Thanks big guy

Will do. Thank you

Yea Incentives are not good right now for Scatpacks when i got mine last year end of July incentives were way higher.


I was actually messing around with the calculators last week on the charger/challengers, even with 15-20% off MSRP, the residual and the MF on these RT SCAT packs are like in the 500-600s range,
last year in November, with 0.0001 MF and some RV and incentives (i forgot which) I was getting 400s on a 392 SRT charger with 0 DAS.
im also in VA so it should around 80-100$ less for other states because of state tax

Are the new numbers out yet?

Not looking good…APR equivalent on Scat Pack is now showing at 5.3%…Only $250 Northeast lease cash is popping up. Dodge calculator is showing $594/month with zero down on completely base SP Challenger. Haven’t plugged in the numbers to figure out RV, but assuming it’s pretty crappy too.

Even if you go with credit union/non-FCA bank for better terms, you’re still not getting any FCA discounts. Dealers seem to only move a few % off MSRP.

Looks like the waiting game continues. 2020 models can’t be too much farther away at this point. Orders probably open next month.

Damn shame

$2k down on a 2019 scat pack widebody, msrp $51,025… 7500 miles, 3 years,… 600 a month. Solid deal?

not a good deal at all. run away.

Elaborate pleeease :confused: I’m literally about to sit with the finance lady and don’t wanna get hosed

Why don’t you post some numbers so we can help you.

That sounds horrible

With the current $7070 discounts from Dodge on the Hellcats, solid residuals and low MF, thesis Hellcats should come up under $600 mo 36/10k

Ok so msrp was $51025 and I was getting the $4850 discount plus another $500. It was gonna be $2k down, dmv fees separate for 36 months, 7500 miles a year @ $597 a month.

I got in the finance room and everything changed cuz of a bankruptcy on my credit… It went to $3k down, dmv fees separate for 48 months at 10k miles a year for $720 a month.

That’s a terrible deal. Essentially you will be paying $37,560 on the lease at 48 months. You might as well finance the car. Walk away.

With your credit history, perhaps it’s best not to lease atm and look for something else.


Yeah, I walked. Sucks cuz I want the car but I’m not gonna bury myself for it.

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Just buy a used challenger. They’ve barely changed since they came out in 2009.