Looking to go New in the Full Size SUV market

Ok, I’m looking to go on from my beloved 2013 GMC Yukon Denali.

I’m blind on prices, or even models. I’m not looking to buy now, but in the next few months.

I wanted to know if you guys can help me with models, prices, etc

The major thing is it has to be below $525 p/m. (College is quite pricey :joy::confounded:)

The options it would need is…

-Full Size (long or short wheel base, what ever is best on the wallet)
-Blind Spot Assist
-Leather (preferable to be heated/cooled for the seasons)
-Lots of cargo room
-A touch screen
-Power (My old Navigator was disappointing in that department)
-Road presence
-I work in computers, so I would love something strong in the tech dept.

I work for a large company, so I do have most corporate discounts. At most I’m thinking $2,500 down.

Thanks, I hope you guys can help me.:+1:t4::+1:t4:

I also live in North East PA.

Also 12,000 miles, and whatever months are best for price

A lexus GX. But I’m biased :grin:

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