Looking RX350 offer in North California

12000 mile a year
$1000 down or any amount for security deposits
36 month
what you think how low can be monthly payment for this car ?

You can get 10% off including the current rebates. So plug it into the calculator.

what you mean 10% off? i try calculator its very confusing

10% off MSRP it very achievable

I think this is a good example of how to use the calculator.

There are a lot of Lexus dealers in Northern Cal so just start shopping them against each other. We were able to go several thousand under invoice on an IS350 a few months ago… and a co-worker just picked up an NX Turbo for $3K or $4k under invoice.

Just for reference - I got mine from Magnussen and my co-worker got hers from Pleasanton.

Try the manual way How To Calculate Lease Payments By Hand — LEASEHACKR

yes i try both this dealer but they told me they cant go under lexus global deal its very strange

Do not listen to the dealer. I had a dealer pull the national advertised deal bs with me too, which was pretty much no money of MSRP. Do not even mention the national deal just go negotiate as you would buy it.

Does anyone know if Lexus is offering any loyalty rebate if one was to lease a RX350 this month? If so, how much is the rebate? Thanks.