Looking lease lexus es300h or bmw i3 for my wife please help

Hello guy
This is my frist time to looking for a lease deal . Please help me find a good deal for my wife on this july 4 . I can offer money for your time and research dealer and whom willing to do the lease deal . I have no knowledge of lease and limited in reading English.
Please help me
I located in souther california
Westminster- santa ana city

Look up Anthony with DSR or benedetto

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The Lexus ES and BMW I are entirely different cars. The Lexus is 3 feet longer than the BMW and runs on gas. The BMW requires a plug.

The BMW drives like a go kart. The Lexus drives like a couch on wheels.

I have a BMW i3 and love it but I use it mostly to drive 3 miles each way in traffic to my office and back home again.

If I were driving 30 miles each way on the highway, I would get the Lexus instead.

Also the Lexus has four real doors and can seat 5. The BMW has 2 (and a half) doors and won’t seat more than four.

But my guess is that the BMW will be cheaper to lease. Two years ago, I paid $395/mo for a $53k i3 BEV for 24 months, 10k miles a year in Texas with no money down and no MSDs.

Thank you Buddyleecia
I see that dsrleasing have good rating on yelp . So they require to pay 195 upfront and how much after that ? What if they cant find a good deal on it ?

Thank you Shellzj
I will try to get a quote from bmw soon .

From what i read . Maybe my wife would prefer a lexus es300h then. But she want the illumination interior light . Not sure if lexus es have that .

I don’t have any experience with Anthony or DSR he just seems to post good stuff here and get good reviews.

do you speak vietnamese? i can help you, i found best deal for i3 - < 200 a mo for all options for right now. message me

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Hi slickdealer…I am in Socal and interested. Can’t PM…can you send me details?

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Hello slick
I pm you already. Please check and get back to me soon .

Use Okuma Enterprises they can get you an amazing deal on whatever you want and don’t charge anything upfront. I just used them and it was an amazing experience

Thank you Ron very much . I will call them tomorrow .

I just got a quote from 2 different broker .
1st is 48,000 msrp - discount then sell/lease 42,000 for 36 months
450 a month with 2400 drive off

The other broker is msrp 48,000
Discount 8500
Sell , lease price. Around 40,000
329 a month not included tax
1800 drive off
10k miles a year
48 months lease and he said can turn the car in early anytime after 12-18 months with no penalty.
What do you guy thinks ?

The 2nd broker lied to you. I wouldn’t do a 48month lease and You cannot turn in the car early without any penalty.

The lease is structured for 48 payments, if you turn it in early say 36 months, who pays the other 12 months? You do.

Ken at Okuma will give you the best deal. Literally the deal he found me was better than any deal I found by going in and grinding away. Only difference is there will be no hassle of trying to go through the work. And best yet they will deliver the car to you if you prefer that. Trust me I usually do deals myself, but now I don’t need to.

Can you post the deal you received so we can see how good it actually is?

Have anyone try dsrleasing ?
Be careful with them !!!
They lying about the discount and monthly payment .
On their website , they said for the lexus 2017 es300h fully option would be 329 monthly plus tax and 1790 drive off no down payment .
After i paid 195 fees upfront , they transfer to different agent and email me a quote " in order to get your payment to 300 + a month , i would have to down payment for over 7000 .


I’m sorry that happened to you. We have unfortunately heard a few similar stories here recently about DSR. It’s too bad that brokers can’t give a definitive/very close payment in advance before taking your $195. It’s not like their quote was only a $5 per month difference using your example quote.

File a chargeback. If they get hit with too many they will risk losing their merchant account and pay higher rates.

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