Looking lease deal on a 2023 Ioniq 5 Limited?

I am in SoCal and interested in a lease deal on a Ioniq 5 Limited. What sort of preincentive discount can I accept or try to get before the $7500 Federal EV rebate?

What discounts have you seen in the marketplace?

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Maybe $1000 off on the Limited. You’ll be lucky if the dealer even passes the entire 7500 lease credit to you. My local Hyundai dealer got bought by Autonation. The one a little further away got bought by Premier. It’s going to be hard hacking deals when two giant dealership chains own all the dealerships. It’s like trying to hack a Nissan in San Diego since Mossy owns all the Nissan dealerships in San Diego.

Call/text me for a quote 310-405-3507

@Chi_Ahrens Im doing significantly more than $1000 off

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Looking at a 2023 Ioniq 5 Limited RWD with MSRP of $54,XXX and based on dealer discount and $7500 rebate looking at $10K off. With a 24/12K lease monthly comes around $570 (including tax) with just drive offs. Is this a decent deal for this car or should I be pushing for more discount off MSRP?

That seems like a good deal. I have been searching around on the east coast and have been having trouble getting anywhere close to that. Would you be able to share your deal so I can take a look? Thanks!

That’s a pretty good deal if Zero Down.

I have this offer for an Ioniq 5 Limited AWD for a 24/12K lease. I am getting $613 with $3K drive off using 67% RV and 0.00296 MF. Their payment is $645-$655 though for same drive off amount. Are they padding the MF somewhat?

All your posts need to be in one thread. It doesn’t really matter if you’re looking at an EQ or an Ioniq, the process and strategy is exactly the same.

Provide a calc limk

Here is the LHC. I combined the silent security $299, Proc/Doc fee $594, and Capitalized taxes $345 into the dealer fee line. So my total is coming up with $613 and $2900 drive off. They are at $645-$655 with $3K driveoff. What am I missing here?

If you markup up the MF by the max markup of .0005, you get a pretty close match.

So do Hyundai dealers typically mark up the MF and is that 0.0005 the max they are allowed to?

They are allowed to, so just negotiate base MF.

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