Looking for ways to improve this deal - 2017 BMW 330e

Just received this from the dealer. Please let me know what info is missing for any calculations.

Am curious to see what you guys think of this deal, and ways to improve it.

Thanks in advance!

MSRP: $55,915
Selling Price: $50,690
Rebates: $8,500 ($3,000 Holiday + $3,000 iPerformance + $1,500 Loyalty + $1,000 Disaster Relief)
Adjusted Cap Cost: $42,190

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000

Residual: $34,108

Total Due at Signing: $2,845
Monthly Payment: $504

I’m guessing the money factor is marked up quite a bit. Ask for the base rate of .00152. ask for a complete breakdown of the price as well

This is my first time negotiating over email to he honest, would you suggest going about this a certain way?

Also, there’s a chance I don’t apply for Tier 1 Credit, if that’s the case how do I go about negotiating the MF.


Something is off… I just put in max MF in Tier 3 credit and I get $468. Find out what the MF they are offering you and then determine if they are marking it up. If they are, politely ask them to take it back down to the base MF for the tier you are in.

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Thank you, will do. Would you try to further discount the selling price, I thought 9.1% discount was fair for his first offer, but would appreciate any other advice

@BMW_Dave can get you a way better deal and he ships everywhere if you are not located in California. this is a deal he did 2 days ago definitely contact him he won’t mark up the money factor or play games

Honestly, other than MF, I think this is basically the same deal as what was posted above.

9% off MSRP is pretty strong and there is an extra $1k disaster relief incentive that you have in the south that is unavailable to the rest of us.

I’d work on the MF and get that down.


The dealer has to have the car shipped in from out of state, could this be affecting these numbers? I was told they would cover shipping costs.

I am also being told that the MF is marked up .0004, but if I am in Tier 2 credit, that rate should be normal correct?

Would appreciate any insight into the high monthly, and how to bring it down.

Thanks in advance!


Here is what I received in case I left something out.

Didn’t go through with it because I decided I don’t need another car currently but I got this:

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Thanks, I appreciate the numbers so worst case I can show the dealer I’m working with that others are getting better numbers. Where I’m stumped is how my payment is so much higher if the dealer claims to only have the MF marked up by .0004.

As linked above in the Lease Calculator, even with an MF of .00222, I get payments under $500. I would greatly appreciate any insight as to where the extra $ is coming from!