Looking for Upstate, NY Lease Deals (BMW/Lexus)

Tried posting in the marketplace but it wouldn’t allow me.

Anyone have any suggestions or connections for upstate NY dealers?

Define upstate.

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Albany area

For great upstate NY deals, look downstate.


Or look really upstate

Not NYC and LI, for sure.

Try dealers in Rockland, Westchester and further north counties.

I’ve heard dealers in Rockland are awful for the most part (like the county itself). OP: look in Jersey

Which models are you looking at? The ones leasing well are X2 and RX350.
I don’t think I have heard any smashing deals on BMW in a while …

X2 isn’t going to work, really dont’ need another SUV in the house…Any lexus sedans (or coupes) leasing well?

Any suggestions on downstate dealers? I’m willing to drive

I don’t, but have you checked out this thread? Seems like great deals, even if there is a broker’s fee. They may also have sedans.

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Still searching