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Hello Hackers,

I am new to this forum and new to the leasing scene. I am located in Mountain View California region. I am looking to get a good lease around $300 pm. I have not locked myself down to one specific vehicle but I am looking at 2017 models of Lexus 200t, Lexus RX350, Acura RDX, BMW X3 etc(can go for other compact suvs of competitors). I know I might sound too optimistic with the options in that price range but looking through these forums and specially the trophy garage thread, it appears that putting in some work into the details can go a long way.

I am looking for something with large discount off msrp along with a high residual. I plan to put in max MSDs to reduce the payments. Willing to wait till mid-end November to benefit from end-of-year discounts.

Would appreciate some help if I can be pointed to some good deals/ dealerships that are known to offer substantial discounts etc.

Doubtful you can get any of those for $300/month. Maybe at the end of the year if a dealer is desperate.

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SF Bay Area - LEXUS RX350
I’ve been a member on Leasehackrs for a few months now and found this site: Leasetrader.com
I have not had luck find the nissan leaf in the color I want yet. maybe you’ll have better luck?

All I could find for the Lexus RX350 you mentioned under $300/mo. was these 3 vehicles below.


Not sure how the process works but I’ve been only looking for Nissan Leaf’s so it hasn’t paid off for me yet.
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Best of luck

you should at least test drive those cars first, you may find that you got stuck with a car for 3 years that you are paying 300 a month for and absolutely hate and it may have been beneficial to pay that extra $50-$60 to get something you like and enjoy.

Is there a place on this forum where you post monthly residual / lease factor rates by make/model? I am in Texas – looking at sedans in BMW-3 series, Acura, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes C Class . Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I use edmunds, so for example google “2017 bmw 3 series lease edmunds”

Check out the Mazda CX5…can get it fully loaded and still end up at or under $300.

OP: Whatever you do, don’t go into a dealership and say “I want a good lease for $300”. That is guaranteed to get you the worst possible deal.

To get a good deal you have to deconstruct the lease into several components. The monthly payment is the byproduct of those components.

It’s almost impossible to get that kind of number in Bay Area. Dealer will mostly ignore you or want you to pay a huge down payment upfront. Dealers here usually mark up the MF to MAX! so even if you put down max MSD, it will just go down to be the same as base(which SoCal dealer will give you at first instead of mark up). $300 range with max MSD will most likely possible in SoCal.

That part I understand… Thanks for reiterating though. The wordings I used are for this forum only :slight_smile: