Looking for specific options - what cars should I look at?

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My QX60 lease is going back in 3 months so I am starting to think about what’s next. I don’t have any specific models I need to end up in but I do have few options that I have decided are must haves on my next lease. I realize not all of these are standard options so pricing and delivery timing will be impacted. Just want to narrow down to a few specific builds that would check all boxes so I can start deal hunting.

-Must be an AWD SUV. 3rd row is not required but size-wise should be similar to a QX60. Not looking for mid-sized SUV
-Leather seats
-Heated seats/steering wheel
-Remote start
-Blind spot monitor
-Auto dimming exterior mirrors. I think this will be the option that will limit the list the most. I’ve got a cornea condition that makes driving at night uncomfortable and these were a game changer when i drove my father in-law’s GLE.

If you’ve read this far and have any thoughts, would love some input.

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Buick envision or enclave. Nissan Murrano or Pathfinder but only high trims have auto dimming driver mirrors.
Cadillac XT4 or even XT5 or XT6.
Germans dont do remote start from key fob

Have you considered extending your QX60? Because you are going to pay a lot for a similar car right now.

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[This is complete sentence!]


Check out the “Marketplace” for advertised broker deals on cars/SUVs that meet your criteria. What is your monthly budget?

Didn’t realize that’s an option. Do I just call financial services? Definitely would be the best bet since I’m only paying $382/month.

Xc90 would be the better choice size wise. I just wasn’t sure if the exterior auto dimming mirrors are standard or part of an option package.

You can most definitely Remote start from BMW key fob.


Yes you’d have to call IFS.

That’s the kind of research you have to do on your own.


You won’t get anywhere close to where you want to be on XC90. I mentioned XC60 because there are many more of them around.

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