Looking for Small Luxury SUV

Hi guys

So I am looking at the following cars:

MB GLB 4matic
Audi Q3
and Volvo XC40

Least enthused about the Volvo but I know I can get the lowest price on that likely.

Was hoping to keep price <$500 a month with only first month/fees DAS.

Buffalo, NY area

MB got back to me with “best offer” of $582/$1076 DAS.
MSRP $45170, Dealer price (invoice)- $42520- ~6% off MSRP. No rebates. MV/RF checks out per edmunds

Have never had great luck with Mercedes before. Do you think I would have better luck with the other vehicles?


When you build out a target deal for all 4 based on current lease programs and reasonable pre-incentive discount amounts, what do you find?


Did you search the Marketplace and Shared Deals sections?


I suppose I don’t know what a reasonable pre-incentive discount is. New to this car segment.

Fortunately, there are tons of deals posted in the share your deals section here and broker postings to research through to find that out.

I live in Buffalo, and we just don’t have enough competition for those brands. I hired @nyclife life and got a smokin deal on an xc90 without MSDs. Hire a broker, XC40s have been having crazy deals lately.

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Congrats OP! Glad to hear it worked out for you.