Looking for Money Factor and Res 2021BMW X5 92683

Hello this is my first time! Does anyone have the MF and Residual for a 2021 BMW X5? Zip code 92683 Southern California.
I have a deal in the works and currently they have dropped the MSRP from $67,120 to $60,000. Wondering if that’s a good deal so far.

Edmunds is the place to get that info.
Get a deal sheet, post the numbers in the calculator and then we can evaluate if its a good deal or not.

MF is .00082 and residual is 53% for 36/15

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To be a little pedantic, and to help you learn, the dealer can’t change the MSRP. It is what it is for the car.

They may be able to offer a discount, so you have a lower selling price, but that is a very different statement than them changing the MSRP.

Got ya. Yes they applied discounts to get the selling price down. My apologies.

No need to apologize. I bring it up because the big place where this can bite you is when you go to plug the deal into the calculator. You’ll get very different numbers if you put the MSRP lower vs the selling price lower, so it’s important to keep it straight.

Ok thank you.