Looking for lease under 500$ - Luxury



Hello everyone,

I am looking to replace my 2017 Camry and the lease ends in September. I am not sure of the cars that I can lease for under $500/month luxury car. I drove the Camry out and paid only the 1st month payment. Looking not more than 1000$ down (for the taxes & registration etc.). I am from Austin TX.

Sorry if this is not the right question to ask or the right sub-forum to ask.

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Probably better off here:


Thanks man. Its just that I am looking for suggestions for possible cars rather than deals thats why i didnt go into Marketplace. Will an admin be able to move it to a right place?


Ya they could move it.

It’s just a very generic request… SUV or Sedan? German, Japanese or American?
What engine or packages do you need?
$1000 DAS incl 1st month technically means your budget is more like $515
Et al


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@gc2a Sedan actually.
I don’t have any preference honestly. Just looking for good mileage luxury sedan. Above ~300hp if possible.

I like the design of BMW 440i GC but might not be able to afford that car! I like giving design a lot of preference.

Other than that… no preference…


Ok. Design preference is a big part of the decision lol.

For $500 and under you have a lot of sedan options… Acura, Lexus, BMW, Base Audi, etc etc


Do you mean one that gets good fuel economy? Might be helpful if you gave a figure since high HP generally doesn’t go along w/ good fuel economy…


Right. That does make sense and i understand that. I am looking for something around 20/30 if that is realistic.


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That means you can pretty much toss out anything with a 4cyl.

If you consider Infiniti luxury, a q50 and q50 red sport will fit the budget.

An outgoing ‘18 bmw 340i probably works.

C300, Audi A4, any other bmw engine is going to be around 250hp.


Looks like a Lexus ES350 checks all your boxes. Tons in my neighborhood. Regional offer is 389 with 4k down, so you should be able to get it well within your price range.


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HP correlates to acceleration a lot less than it used to. It’s much more reliant on how the transmission is programmed and maybe even the throttle.

NTM HP is kinda useless without good brakes and steering.


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