Looking for lease, ~100 mile range EV, like fiat-500E/Chevy-Spark (LA area)

I am new to the forum, so glad i found this place!

I feel EVs with 100 mile range are the ones with good deals.
I am not in a hurry, but, is there any time of the year when we consider it best for leasing? Please share your dealership or contact person if possible.

Currently I see a few offers:

  • Fiat 500e: 2017 model. $79+tax /month, $3000 down (includes tax+title etc) - Total approx $6100
  • Spark : $1500 + ($99+tax) x 36 - Total approx $5500

I qualify for $2500 in CA rebate.

From my experience with Fiat 500e, there’s no way it can get 100 mile with a single charge. I usually get 70 if I drive carefully, or normally with heater/AC and around 80 mph on freeway, that’s like 55~60 mile range. The price that you posted are very common. If you are not in hurry, then just wait and see.

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If you are not in a hurry but the 100mi range is doable for you, I’d quickly get in a hurry and get one of the leftover Sparks, they are running thin and currently have excellent deals. Search for Spark in the forums, you’ll see. As far as range I can get close to 90 driving on the freeway and close to 110 very conservatively on the streets, all on “paper” of course, I never ran out of juice yet.

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