Looking for input on finalizing 2018 M4 lease!

Hey all,

Looking for quick input on my negotiated/finalized lease deal on a 2018 M4. Waiting to sign off on it tomorrow.

Negotiated tint and BMW LP (Wear & Tear) into the price, so if we want to get technical, adj. cap cost drops to the $73,750 area.

Without making anyone read all the way down, this is for 36mo @ $1050/mo. $85k MSRP, $75K adj. cap cost, $1500 down (1st pmt & docs/reg).

2018 M4 Coupe - DCT, Comp, Exec, Met Paint, Loaded
84,940 |MSRP|
78,400 |Sale Price|
0 |Down Pmt|
0 |MSDs|
995 |Acq Fee|
480 |Lic/Reg Fee|
8.75% |Tax|
12,000 |Miles/yr|
36 |Months|
56% |May RV|
0.00166 |May MF|
3.98% |Effective APR|

78,255 |Sale Price|
-4,250.00 |Rebates/Incentives/Cap Cost Reduction|
+995.00 |Acq Fee|
= 75,000.00 |Adjusted Cap Cost|

965.50 |Base Payment|
84.48 |Sales Tax|
1050.00 |Total Monthly Payment|

0.00 |Down Payment|
0.00 |Cap Cost Reduction Tax|
0.00 |MSDs|
480.00 |Lic/Reg Fee|
1050.00 |First Month Payment|
1530.00 |Total Drive Off|

Spent weeks on a few of these, and this is the closest to where I wanted to be. It’s honestly higher than I was wanting, but it’s a solid choice.


I’m not too sure but I dont think BMW does 39 month leases

Turning a 39/10 in tomorrow. :wink:

However, in the interest of the 3/36 warranty, etc. I’m just going to go with the 36mo figures.

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Doesn’t BMW have a 4/50k warranty?

No, but they used to. Down to 3/36 as of 2017 for free maintenance.

I stand corrected on the standard warranty - still 4/50k.

Man BMW wants to be Porsche now don’t they with these MF increases?

Also, $39,300 to drive an M4 for 3 years just seems insane to me when you can buy/finance a barely used one for $50k all day long and at least have equity.

Great cars, but really worth $1k a month?


BMW still has 4/50k standard warranty. What they changed was their free service/maintenance plan.

I stand corrected. I confused maintenance with warranty, since I’m under the old full maintenance with my 2015 vehicle.

I second this, is it really worth it? There’s a boat load of cars that I saw under 50K that you can finance and use for 3 years, and still be able to make back atleast half of what the car is worth, if not more. (best case scenario).

You can literally finance the car for $200 more a month over 72 months and its yours.