Looking for ideas

Hi everyone!

I’ve been in desperate need of another car for a while now but can’t seem to find anything that fits the bill. I’m looking for either a decent full size sedan, cross-over or larger SUV (something like the Tiguan with 2 potential seats in the back would be ideal but I’m not holding my breath). I live in Cleveland OH but am open to getting cars from NY and have family in CA if shipping a car is worth it. Looking to pay around $200 month with $0 down but am willing to do a one-pay lease or more upfront if it really sweetens the deal. Any ideas for me?

Thank you for your time!

Possible incentives:
-currently have Chevy lease
-recent college grad
-other car brands in the household (not leased)
-teacher in the household
-work for a big company but not on VPP or GM supplier discount lists. Works for BMW fleet I think.

Narrowing it down would be useful.

Sedan, cross-over, larger suv? Too many options

Speak to @Benedetto and he’ll be able to advise what your options are for that price point, and you can work out if it’s better to stay local or pick up from further away.

Either that or do some test drives and narrow down what you want. If you’re looking for the best deal a sedan will almost definitely be your best bet.

Maybe Sonata or Passat, otherwise there’s not a ton of choices in your budget

Jeep Cherokee if you’re ok with a small crossover

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$200 is doable if you are flexible on trim, and brand. Equinox’s with base trim were going for $149 with $1300 in drive off’s last month.

Subaru Impreza for a sedan. It would fall well within your budget.

Check out the marketplace to at least get an idea of what is available at what price. Then maybe you can pare down and figure out what will fit the bill.

Where was this equinox ???

Cherokee or compass ?

My bad, it was a Compass.

OP is looking for a full size sedan.

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Hi everyone, thank you for the replies!
-Would prefer a small SUV but am open to a full-sized sedan or full sized SUV is the price is better. The cars I’d like would be the GMC Terrain and VW Tiguan, however, price point is more important than exact model and I’m flexible with what I get
-I’ve been monitoring the marketplace. Haven’t found anything that panned out (e.g. the Compass was $240+ in my area because they don’t sell the 2 wheel drive version)
-Impreza is too small
-The equinox/Chevy deals require a competitive lease which I don’t have

Thank you all for the advice. Would appreciate anything else you can think of! Is it just the wrong time of year? I’ve been looking since July.

Following. I am also looking for a similar lease.

As already stated, passat and sonata. Back seat in passat is huge, and 18’s are cheap right now if you can find one.

Full size SUVs are way outside your budget. So let’s be realistic.

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You’ve already mentioned it but people have been posting <$200 GMC Terrain leases lately.

I had a look Honcker for a quick guide and you can get a basic '18 SLE for $195 a month with $1627 due at signing. (though that’s here in SoCal, OH might be trickier)

Then that’s not a <$200 lease.

No, but as I said, people have been posting <$200 GMC Terrain leases lately.

The $195 was just what I saw on Honcker which should only ever be a guide to beat anyway.

the deal in st louis is still going on … $99 + paperwork + taxes
if that helps

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I tried to get that deal in March i couldn’t tell if the sales guy was incompetent or just lazy and didn’t wan’t to do the deal because i was out of state… I just read the fine print must own a 99 or newer non GM to qualify $1500 DAS.

Thanks! I haven’t had luck with Sonata, Passat or Terrain deals.