Looking for help with 2018 Volvo XC60 lease

Help! Looking for feedback and direction on a new car lease for a 2018 Volvo XC60. Here is the deal that has been presented to me by local dealer. Initiated this through Costco Auto program. Pricing seems pretty competitive but unsure of the detail and terms. Asked them to include MSD but don’t see anything in their proposal. Appreciate advice on this as looking to close before end of month.

Ouch that’s awful. Look at other XC60 deals for inspiration. XC90 has been less money

XC60s have been terrible leasing wise, I’ve looked at Demos around 55k MSRP and was getting quotes around 700+ with money down AND MSDs. What other cars are you considering?

Where are you located, VA? There is $3K Volvo allowance in some places, so your sales price is about invoice (5.3% off MSRP) if that is the case. Probably that’s standard by going through Costco. You should find out your local Volvo incentives and try for 10% off before applying them. Acquisition fee should be $695, but it’s really nothing comparing to all other stuff.

Wasn’t really looking at much else. Quick thought was Lexus RX350 but I don’t think they lease well either.

Yes, am in VA. Maybe my math is wrong but aren’t we looking at the MSRP ($52,640) vs the sales price ($46,850) and isn’t that 11%. Not sure I’m following your 5.3% off MSRP? Are you suggesting 10% off with fees included? That’s another $1,667 for a sales price of $45,183? Also, acquisition fee of $995 is all over their website so that is disclosed and verified on Edmunds.com.

Nope that is not what he meant. 10% off BEFORE any Volvo incentives are applied aka what the dealer is discounting excluding rebates

Have contacted 8 dealerships in No Va, Richmond and Hampton Roads and most offers are $2500-2900 off MSRP. This was almost double what I’d seen from the other dealers. Not sure there are too many “great” deals out there.

Your sales price of $46,850 includes Volvo allowance, whatever it is in VA, so the total discount is 11%. It is only 5.3% if Volvo allowance = $3,000

What model is that? How many miles?

Part of what makes that payment high is paying all that tax up front. Is it on the cap cost or just all the payments?

He’s in VA, tax is on the full cap cost.