Looking for good deal on BMW 530e 2018 LEASING at Orange County, CA

I am looking for a good deal on BMW 530e 2018 at Orange County, CA.

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A broker may be the route you wish to go (but they do deservedly charge for their services).

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I think you mean you want an idea of:

  1. Expected discount off of sales price from the dealer
  2. Applicable rebates from BMW
  3. Money factor and residual used to calculate the lease price

Generally for BMWs, I think most people shoot for at least a 8% discount from MSRP. There’s at least $1,500 in lease cash from BMW Financial. The current money factor as provided by Edmunds.com and residual is .00152 and 59% (36 months and 10k miles a year) or 58% (36 months and 59% a year).

Using those numbers, I estimate a $60,000 2018 530e would be discounted by about $5k and cost $674/mo before taxes. It’s not a terrible amount to pay for a nearly brand new car, but it’s also not what most people on this forum would consider a good deal.

But given how new the 530e is, and how BMW is currently focusing on profits above sales volume, it’s going to be tough to get a truly good deal on this car.

Also, if you currently lease a BMW, note that you can get a 2 month extension (same terms) no questions asked from BMW Financial. I just extended my lease to see if deals don’t improve by the end of the year.


Thanks for the information.

Some discussion of the federal $4700 tax credit and the $1500 California tax credit is warranted here. If BMW passes all of the credit along then the two credits should reduce a 36 month lease payment by around $170.

BMW is currently only providing $1,500 in lease cash. Presumably, they are using the tax credit to keep the residual high (same as gas version) plus the MSRP low (just $1,200 more than the 530i).

The tax credit is something that the purchaser applies for himself after the deal is done and receives a check for, so doesn’t directly impact the signed lease offer (but yes, still money in your pocket).

I’ve been following the 530e since it came out, and its leases are very slowly improving. This is the first month I’ve seen the $1,500 lease cash.

I have had some numbers on ‘18 530e, I’ll get the details but essentially it was a nicely equipped version at MSRP around 60K, 36/10, no down, $630 excluding tax with room to negotiate. My goal is to get it for under 600 with tax. Im in the process of returning my current 528 less hence they are trying to get me into a new one.I’m Located in Orange County CA and working with multiple dealers.

How did you end up @vaqua? Just curious on the numbers.