Looking for Chevrolet supplier code

Hi all,

I am currently at the dealership and dealer just realized my company does not qualify for a supplier code :frowning:

according to dealer, if anyone used a code recently, they are allowed to share it with a friend.
Any chance anyone out there has a code they can PM me and save me from spending the whole Sunday at the dealership???

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This is correct. Whoever uses a supplier code can share a friend & family code within 30 days.

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any chance you have one :)?

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No. I would take on though, thinking about leasing a GM this month, extra CCRs don’t hurt.

Just a quick update- was not able to get the code, but dealer was able to get me most of the discount anyway!

So- would definitely recommend Joe Pitts and from Dublin Chevrolet!

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Many dealers go below supplier so that’s great they did that for you without having to give you too much trouble. Congratulations on your new car.

Id be interested in a code as well if anyone uses and would like to share! I’d consider making it worth your time as well if we can figure something out! Thanks in advance!


If anyone happens to have a code that they can share I’d really appreciate it. I can get the college discount through my wife (which is the same), but a couple of wrinkles with that have me thinking ahead. I’m turning in a car in my name, so I’m concerned about possibly getting hit with the disposition fee, unless there’s a way for both of us to get on the loan and still qualify. Also I’m using GM points that are on someone else’s account where I’m an authorized cardholder, but she is not. Again, same issue, will there be a way to get me on the loan too and apply the points? Supplier would solve all of that without any gray area. I’m gonna reach out and see if my dealer might have access to a code he’s sitting on, but as a backup I could use the help.