Looking for cheapest 7+ seat SUV with heated steering wheel


My mother’s lease is almost up on her Dodge Durango and I’m trying to find which full size SUV’s (7+ seats) have a heated steering wheel. We’d rather not get another Durango (this is already our 2nd) and I’m looking for something similar.
The features that it needs to have is Heated Steering wheel, 7+ seats, leather (or fake leather) seats.

Preferably we would like a 36 month, 7500 mile lease
Located in NY


I have highlander Xle for around $400/mo tax tags inc. they have heated leather but you need higher trims to get the steering wheels.


Thanks but heated steering wheel is non-negotiable

Ford Explorer XLT w/ the well-worth-it 202A package has a heated steering wheel. My wife has one (with some extra options), and it’s a pretty great car for us. We much preferred it over the Durango when we looked.

Similar monthly pricing to a Durango - was about $435/mo all-in with 1st month DAS when we were looking earlier this year if I recall correctly.

Not sure if it’s the cheapest, but it’s a solid option.

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Chevy Traverse LT cloth with Safety Assist package comes with a heated steering wheel. It should be possible at or around $400/month

More expensive than the Traverse or Highlander, but maybe find a XC90 with the Climate Package?

10.5% pre, or 14.6% how other people advertise, on a XC90 T5 Mom. with climate. For NYC, 585 with first and MSDs DAS. That’s as cheap one can get. 562 with same structure for a GX. No requirements, are you human with t1 credit, and can pickup in DC or wait for a truck, you’re golden.


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