Looking for cheap lease, in-town runabout, live rural, hire broker?

Live in upstate NY, mostly in-town driving, 10k/year, not too fussy as to what I get. An EV would be suitable but am open to all sorts of options.

Since Iam in a rural area, not too many dealers within 50 miles, one owner controls all the local outlets. Woudl it make sense to hire a broker to ferret out big-city deals? Can I make an open-ended inquiry with success (I will consider most any vehicle, priorities are good heat, etc)?

other suggestions or how to proceed?


Simple, how much is your time worth to you? If you have a decent amount of free time with enough effort you can find a great deal. If you aren’t willing to fight for it there are many great brokers on this sight that could find you a great deal and save you a lot of time.

If you simply want a cheap lease, I’d get in touch with Buick dealers for an Encore in the NYC area (NJ dealers usually go cheaper) or contact Bob Johnson Chevy in Rochester for an Equinox LS. I recall seeing a license plate frame for Bob Johnson Buick as well, so that’s another option. They do thousands of leases a year and are the largest Chevy dealer in the country, so the deals are good. A broker will make it easy for you, but Samson already stated the virtues of them so I will not repeat

It only cost me $350 to have my Volt shipped to me from Southern California to Northern California, which is about ~300 miles. So I would definitely reach out to friendlier dealers because you’ll probably save a lot more than $350… That @nyclife guy is a popular broker in your area if you don’t want to do any leg work.