Looking for best Truck Lease

I’m looking for a good lease on a new truck - I’m open to the Silverado, Sierra, F150, Tundra, Ridgeline, and Titan… so basically anything that isn’t Dodge/Ram. Would prefer 4x4 and crew cab.

I appreciate the help and look forward to hearing whats out there!

You’re in luck.

Assuming you’re a costco member.

I am a Costco member – I assume youre referencing the holiday sales event? Do you have any numbers/examples of what kind of deals people are getting from that?

Look into the ridgeline… They were priced well lately

I checked in with a couple local dealers and most ridgelines are presold before they hit the lot – they wanted $498/mo 36mo 12kyr lease for the RTS AWD model. Has anyone had better luck?

Not sure why the aversion to Ram, but since it’s a lease and has to eventually be turned back in some of the ram deals being posted around here were ridiculous and I think Chevy, Ford, Toyota, etc. would be hard pressed to come anywhere near them. Locally I received $220/mo including tax, first payment only, on a $37k msrp 4x2 quad-cab Big Horn. As full-sized pickups go that’s an excellent payment. I believe there’s another thread on here where someone else picked up a $50k+ msrp Ram for somewhere in the low $300’s.


I tried to get the local dealer here to match some of the numbers posted in earlier threads and on a 48,xxx MSRP Ram they were offering sale price 35,475 with lease payments of $470/mo. Have the incentives gone away or is this dealer just trying for a grand slam?

Good luck finding a Ridgeline - there are very, very few around and leases are terrible IMO.

Honda is not making enough of them.

Dealer is trying a grand slam. With this much discount and the 56% residual, the numbers should be under 300.

Local dealer is saying residual value is .55 (55%) and the money factor or rate is 6.05% for good credit… That MF seems ridiculously high. Any suggestions?

6.05% is 0.0025 money factor. That is high. Try another dealer.

No luck even trying to get an out of state dealer to get in the ballpark. Cant even get anything sub-400s. The incetives must be much worse in the midwest.

Even if I drop down to a 4x4 quad cab tradesman (MSRP 41,795) for 36 months and 12,000 miles per year they want $383 down and $383 a month.

Here’s a dealer from the east coast , maybe they can get close to this offer

Even this deal is a up from last month. Last Month it was 249 with 0 down. Quirk sales advisor told me October is best time for Ram lease. @vend already told us the local dealers do not match the east coast deals.

Hows this deal for a silverado 1500 4x4 double cab lt w/ allstar package?

MSRP: $42,510
Sale Price: $35,579

39mo 10k/yr lease $339/mo w/ $339 (first payment) down.

Be really careful with Quirk dealerships in the Boston area as they constantly advertise these super low prices as bait to attract customers to their showroom.

same process for all dealers that advertise their one available car.
I click their ad, then note the stock number, then click inventory to see if it is still available. Then I call the internet sales manger and ask them if the stock number is still available and ask if I can put a deposit. Then I go to dealer and ask to test drive that stock number.

Yes, they could still tell you sold, not available but at least you are better informed.

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