Looking for best price for Cruz LT in NJ

Looking for a Cruze LT Automatic with seat warmer and blind spot crash protection - Sedan . I am in 08816, NJ. Looking for 36/12K. My current 2016 Chevy Cruz deal is expiring in 3 months. In additio, I have 2 more Chevy Lease in house. Currently Total of 3 Chevy Lease. I have GM Card Bonus Earning of $2000 that I will use as down payment. Last Year, I lease another 2017 Chevy LT with the following incentive bonuses

Incentive 3 CCR Bonus Tag/50 for $1225 (XAA)
Loyalty bonus of $2000 (KMY KOW)
GM Card Earning $2000 (KIL)
First Payment Waiver Rebate

Let me know what is the best lease price.