Looking for all wheel drive under $175 a month

I’d like to have a monthly payment under $350. My current payment is $536 (4.89%) Currently have at least $6k negative equity. I live in New York (Long Island) willing to travel. I’d prefer a small SUV but open to a sedan as long as it fits a car seat and stroller lol.
I own a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee trail-hawk. I owe 26k, luckily have a friend at jeep giving me 20k, it’s worth maybe 18k. I purchased it in August of 2015, rolled in some negative equity then, clean car fax, however when I went to trade it in the car a accident pulled up from July 2015 not posted until November 2015, very strange.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

I think it’d be extreme hard to get your desired numbers. $6000 negative equity spread over 36 months is already $167/month.

If you sell it to your friend, are you going to be able to cover the $6k or did you plan on rolling it over into the new payment? If the latter, that means you’ll be rolling over $8k in negative equality, which is $222/month.

Your best bet is to sell the car to your friend and pay off the negative equity. This way, you’ll definitely be able to reach your numbers.

Maybe worth pursuing a small claims against carfax and/or previous seller for 2k?

Also, if you have a good friend in Jeep, then ask the friend to get you a good lease on a Compass or Renegade. Those could be under $150 easily.

As for the negative equity, well that is a simple calculation, so you will need to figure it out and add it to the lease (which is probably not advisable) or get some sort of loan to cover it.

I think it may take up to 6 month for an accident to show up in carfax. I’ve heard about this before. Someone was smart enough to dump the car right after the accident. Nothing illegal here.