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Good morning, Albany NY area here, but I don’t mind traveling for a deal. Wondering what smaller midsize suv, like the ascent size, leases the best with a few options like heated seats, adaptive cruise, etc. Looking to just put A total of 1k down and be under $450 a month for 36/15. Thanks for any advice!

I wouldn’t call the Ascent a smaller mid-size SUV, it has a 3rd row.

Volvo’s are leasing very well right now. XC60s will be well under that and XC90s will be close. Look at the marketplace to see what some of the brokers are advertising.

Link is here

I just picked up a CX-9 Touring W/Premium from ALN. $369 1k DAS. Well within your budget.

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Any other options? Need something this week. 1k down around 425 ish a month for 36/15. Without msds the Volvo seems to expensive.

Is that budget including tax? Whats your tax rate?

Also: are you looking for a midsize/compact 2-row SUV or a 3-row SUV?

CAP Region dealers are horrific. There are literally no deals to be had Albany or west of Albany, with the exception of a few Toyota dealers who do Ally leasing.

You really have to go east to MA (can’t have a car this week) or south to Tri State.

7%. Something a grand Cherokee size would be great, doesn’t need 3 rows. Total 1k down tax would be rolled in.

Did you check the whole Marketplace section?

Ended up going with a 2019 Honda passport touring. They met all my requirements!

What are the detail?

2019 passport touring 42k and change. 36/15 $1200 total down $449 a month