Looking for a short term 3-6 month lease for an 18 year old

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Peak LH instead, giving a young driver a 20yo car = bad parenting.

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How about a first gen Dodge Viper? Super safe

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Yes you’re right. I don’t care about my children. You win, I lose.

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Whatever Dakota wants, Dakota gets. After all I’m Dakota’s best friend and I want all my Insta friends to approve. And how can they approve if Dakota doesn’t drive a brand new car with every gadget available?

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Hi, folks. Just a gentle reminder to please try to stay on topic. The OP has expressed a clear preference for a new car. On-going exchanges about the relative safety of newer vs. older cars isn’t helping the OP w/ their question.



Do you qualify for a used EV tax credit? If yes, buy him a used Honda Clarity and sell it in fall for about the same price when he leaves for college.

They’re not gadgets. They’re safety aids.

That’s actually not why they’re going up, but I doubt someone like you would be able to comprehend it.

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OP, what’s your budget?

Let me guess, generation alpha, eh? Can you parallel park without parking aid? :rofl::rofl::stuck_out_tongue:

Flexible for a short term lease-6 months or $400/month for a 36 month. Thank you!

$400/month 36 month have plenty of options if EV can fit your son’s need.

If you have Costco, should be able to get a Polestar 2.

An Acura Integra might fit that budget.

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A driver lost control of his vehicle

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