Looking for a new 2019 BMW X5

Hi! I am new to the forum. Looking for a new 2019 BMW X 5. This is what the dealership quoted me. What do you all think? Thanks.

msrp: $65,645
Discount price: $59,255 ($2,500 below Invoice)
Lease credit: $750

driveoff: $3,000
15k miles @ 36months

$795 +tax

MF? Tax rate? Breakdown of DAS? All of the other relevant details you omitted

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Ok, have no clue what that meant. New to this whole group and still learning by reading posts, etc. lol… this is what one dealer told me. He didn’t give me any specifications. Another dealer did give me a breakdown. Let me try sending it to you. Thanks

there is a template here when you post, if you have the details post in the order or post the link for the calculator, it will help people tell you where you can make improvements on the deal.

That being said if you are open to a loaner you can do better on discount, even new I think you have a bit of room to improve, but it helps to know all of the details like mf( money factor aka financing rate for leases) sales price, tax rate etc. etc. Also try to pick up an ol code, there is a thread about this so use the search function.

Ok, will keep in mind. Will gather more details and post again. Thanks.