Looking for a killer Lease on V6 Crossover/SUV w 3rd row - open to suggestions

We’ve leased for 15 years but I figured I would prep for a future mortgage application by getting rid of the payments. I recently bought a five year old Acura RLX (great deal on a marginal car) and my wife’s Sienna lease is almost over. After being unhappy with this RLX purchase I’m back to keeping one lease.

I’m agnostic on the vehicle. I just want a comfortable, well appointed V6 with a 3rd row (3rd row mostly for hauling other people’s kids).
I’ve leased an MDX (loved it) RX350 (liked MDX better) Xc90 5 cyl (horrific), Owned a Tahoe

Would love to be in the $300s even though that may prove challenging. Willing to shell out MSDs. If I have equity or get a breakeven offer on the Sienna I’m ready to rock. Sienna lease is due in Sept. Current payment for a 2017 SE is $434 including tax. 800+ credit

I’m also open to opinions on the cars on my radar:
VW Atlas - heard about lemon law issues
Hyundai Palisades - I worked on a commercial for it and was impressed
Kia Telluride (I’d never though I would use the word KIA)
Volvo (maybe having a 5 cyl was my downfall)
Chevy Traverse? or GMC equiv
Open to other 3rd row V6s I’ve overlooked

I’m in the southbay in LA

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To me, this screams used minivan which has already depreciated substantially but is still reliable (last gen Ody, Sienna). We have one that only gets used once every few days as we rarely need the third row or the size and we absolutely love it.

Otherwise, MDX has a ton of lease incentives currently. Traverse usually leases well. Search the forums.

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