Looking for a good 3 row SUV 36/15


I currently have a GMC Acadia Denali with an MSRP of $53k that I originally leased as a sign and drive 36/15 with monthly payments of $486 including tax. That lease is maturing in February so I am looking for an end of the year deal. The car is for my wife but I’ll drive on the weekends. Right now I’m between a Mazda CX-9 with a $42k MSRP for sign and drive 36/15 for $419 including tax. Alternatively, I have the GMC pull ahead offer for my remaining payment. The Mazda deal is absorbing the last GMC payment. GMC offered to sell me a $49k GMC 2019 Denali (Outgoing body style) to me for $700 DAS and $450 plus tax or $480 all in. Is either one of these a smoking deal? Trying to be sign and drive at $400 per month including tax. What else should i consider?