Looking for a decent luxury SUV for Real Estate

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I am looking to buy a luxury SUV for my Real Estate work. Wife will be driving the car as well to get around town. We test drove the Range Rover Velar but didn’t quite like the drive. Inside and outside looks are nice but that’s about it. Comfortable going up to $800-$900/month for the lease if I have to. Would love some recommendations and what prices to look for in terms of the suggestions that you make.

Is this a good time to get a lease right now? If one can wait, is it advisable to just wait till the chip shortage gets better?

I always looked at the 1% rule for getting a lease. Are those days gone or can we still get lease deals at 1% of MSRP?



The 1% rule is meaningless.

Search the Shared Deals and Marketplace sections here to get an idea of what kind of “deals” are out there now as well as what brokers are offering. It’s not great.


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Probably the worst. Wait if you can.

No such thing around these parts.

Will definitely wait then. Once things get better, any suggestions on SUV’s that people have enjoyed driving?

Entirely preference. Go drive Acura, Lexus, Volvo, BMW, MB and see what you like.

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Could also through in Genesis.

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Now is as good of time as any to learn that the 1% rule has never been a good metric to tell if something is or isn’t a good deal.

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