Looking for a cheap tiguan lease

Hi all,

I’m new to this leasing and I spend the last weeks reading and researching deals on a VW Tiguan 2020 base model S FWD or SE FWD.

I’m based in North Cal (Oakland)

I don’t need a car (we have a golf) but I would like have one if I can lease it for cheap.

I’m looking to find a 200 USD lease with no down payment. 24 - 36 month and 10k minimum.

are my expectations realistic?

I found this deal so far

199 usd a month for 36 month and 10k - here the fine print

2020 Tiguan S MSRP $25,965 SELLING PRICE $22,085 excluding title, taxes, options and dealer fees. 36 month lease term 10,000 miles per year. $2999 Down Cap cost reduction - does not include DMV, Lic, Gov’t fees, dealer fees & $395 disposition fee at lease end. Purchase option at lease end for $14,021.10. Lessee responsible for excessive wear & vehicle insurance. Closed-end lease offered to approved Tier-1 customers by Volkswagen Credit, not all customers will qualify. Call dealer for details.

The dealer contacted me through truecar and offer me the base model for 20.5k.

Any tips or alternates? Is the base model even good enough?

thank you

What you posted doesn’t state the monthly. Nor Cal is a very different market, but unless it has some big rebate not here in the northeast, I don’t think $200 with $0 down is realistic.

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thanks a lot for getting back to me the monthly was part of the image.

the deal is currently

199 usd a month for 36 month and 10k

3000k down + DMV, Lic, Gov’t fees, dealer fees & $395 disposition fee at lease end (not sure how much that is in total)

I asked in the edmund forum for mf, residual and incentives for the 2020 base model.

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That is actually a decent deal. I am paying $239.00 a month (nothing down) for the 2017 Tiguan AWD. It was about $25-$26K MSRP at the time I bought it. Leasing is not as good as it was 3 years go. With the $3,000 down, your monthly payment still averages out to be a bit less than $300 not including taxes.

I got a 2018 tiguan se 4 motion for $315 tax included, along with vw care or whatever it’s called with 0 down.

I thought that was a unicorn deal.

Not sure yours is the best bang for your buck.

hi…what is your location?

i got a good deal via a broker in NorCal for the base model at about 300 out the door with everything and 12k -all i paid was the 1st months payment and drove off - base model was is good enough for me @knoma

thank you - 300 sounds fair for 12k. how much did you pay for the broker?

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Ok in all fairness, I got a '19 Tiguan S w/DA for $245 with $0 DAS. Effective payment of about $238. Before tax, and registration, I estimate it was around $211/mo.

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