Looking for a 2016 Mercedes S550 4Matic lease

Looking for 36 months, 10k miles, zero down. What is the best money factor and residual?
The national offer is 1099 with 5k down for a car with no options.
One dealer offered me 1231 with first month due up front for a car with 111,635 sticker.
Another dealer offered me 1257 with first month and fees due up front (1550) for a car with 111,685 sticker. Maintenance is included ($800 value).
Should I take either of these or look for something lower?
I am from Lucas County, Ohio.

Thank you.

I did a 2 minute search on Swapalease.com and cheapest 2016 I found is $1,265 for 29 months 13,656 miles a year left…$0 down just lease transfer fee $595 seller paying shipping anywhere in United States.

You got some work to do!

Understandable for this vehicle wouldn’t you say?

Yeah I know usually it would be like 1500 or 1600 but my dad likes to be very optimistic with his numbers. I think 1231 is a great deal but he wants to hold out for something lower.

Per Edmunds forums, MF is .00105 and residual is 52%…that’s for 36/12K. Check it out…good place to look, as well as the other MB forums out there.

The deals seem fairly close to the 1% rule, so it appears to be a decent car to lease.

Here in NY i see the S550

MSRP: 114,665

Lease terms
36 months 10K miles
Price including NY tax $1217 (2,709 due at signing which is First month/DMV fee/ and Bank fee