Looking at lease on 2017 VW Tiguan S South Florida

Looking to work the best 36 month, 12,000 miles/yr lease deal for a new 2017 VW Tiguan S 2WD in South Florida area.

The current special offered on VW.com is $149/mo for 10,000 miles per year
MSRP $25,860
36 month residual 60%
36-month lease,
$3,589 due at signing (includes first month payment cap cost reduction and $625 acquisition fee.
Money factor I believe is .00001 here in Florida.

I would change to “0” down and 12,000 miles/yr. and pay the acquisition fee up front. Residual changes to 59%. Also a dealer fee in there. Not sure if I have to include that or how low I can get on the purchase price. TrueCar estimate is currently $22,148 in my area without signing in. Probably includes a current incentive. Any suggestions?

I get a selling price of $19960 with no incentives using a Ft. Lauderdale zip code. If you pay the acquisition fee and other drive off fees upfront, it would probably put you at around $140/mo.

Your drive-off amount is going to be huge with the acquisition fee, doc fee (usually very high in FL), and registration fees. You can roll some of it into the monthly payments if you want to.

Wow. When I run TrueCar here in Florida I get $22,148 for both local and national. Do you have a special corporate rate? I wonder why you get $19,960?

Not that I know of. When I do it on TrueCar.com without being logged in, it was about $1000 higher.

Maybe it’s just your area? I used the 33308 zip code for Ft. Lauderdale.

Either way, it can’t hurt to ask.