Long distance leasing. Is it easy? Any gotchas?

Have anyone done any leasing from dealers far away? Are there any gotchas?

I live in norcal, it seems socal sometimes have abundant inventory or great deals. I am curious how easy it would be to get the deals from there.

Situation #1: manufacturer lease deal is good, but there is no inventory in norcal. The car is available in socal.

In this situation, can dealer (of the same manufacturer) here requested the car to be shipped over here?

Situation #2: deal is good at socal.

In this situation, can I lease the car from socal dealer remotely and they ship the car to norcal? Is shipping cost expensive?

Situation #3: returning the car

Can I return the car to local dealer of the same manufacturer? Some articles online said if the lessor is the manufacturer, then I can return the car to any dealer of that manufacturer.

S1: Your local dealer can attempt to do a dealer trade, but I don’t think it’s likely.

S2: Really up to the dealer, but many will. Shipping shouldn’t be more than $500.

S3: You can return the lease to your local dealer of the same manufacturer.

Cheapest option is probably to hop a cheap southwest flight, fly down, and drive back up.

It doesn’t get tricky until you go out of state due to potential registration snafus. If the selling dealer has experience doing these types of deals though, it’s almost as easy as buying at the dealer down the road from you.

Keep in mind, incentives could be very different buying out of your area though. Some manufacturers permit using incentives based on dealer location where others will use incentives based on your garaged address. So the price you see online could be vastly different (for the better or worse) than you see locally and you may or may not qualify.

Long distance leases outside of us and Tesla are seldom, but leasing from NorCal to SoCal should be fine. It is complicated for some dealerships to lease vehicles out of state.

Leasing from out of state is fairly common in these parts. Some markets just don’t lease well, so going out of the area is the only option to get an aggressive deal.

And you can definitely say this how?