Long Beach BMW Lease Deals



What is the stock#?


Sold the 530e already. Will post whichever good loaner deals are available. Thank you for viewing and thanks for all of your inquiries/questions!


Can you post some numbers on X3?


hi, can you send me a quote on x3 lease for MA? thank you


Can you post the numbers for the 330i loaner? Also, if you start getting other loaner deals this month, I’d love to stay up to date on those.


how much for the 330i
10k per year?


This is the best loaner with the best discount right now that I have. I will get some numbers here as soon as it is calculated.

2019 440i M-Sport


Thank you, that’d be great!


Do loaners qualify for BMW lease discounts / loyalty discounts?


You’re not the first, or the 20th’, or the 100th person to ask this question. There’s a search function, both on leasehackr and on Google. Please, take 1 minute out of your day to do some research instead of asking the same question that hundreds of other people ask DAILY.


Yes, Loaners do qualify for lease cash and loyalty. Must be under 5k miles.


440i Coupe Pricing - 440i Link

$58,635 MSRP
$48,980 Selling price

Alpine white
Coral Red int.
Heated Seats
Blind Spot
19" M wheels
Black Kidney Grills

BMW Loyalty Only
$1,500 DAS
10k/36 $525+tax
12k/36 $540+tax
15k/36 $571+tax

$000 DAS
BMW Loyalty
10k/36 - 567+tax


What about the X3s?


looking for something under $300 including tax …need this weeked


BTW, anyone who is looking to buy soon or need me to beat a quote, let me know how I can help.



I’m looking to buy soon. Interested in the 330i


PMd you… :slight_smile:


Pmd you about an inquiry


Do you have any lease deals on 440i GC with M package?


I’m interested in the 330i. Can I use my ol code ?