Logistics of leasing and then buying at lease end- Pros and Cons?

Looking at lexus is350 f sport. I’ve bounced around between financing vs. leasing. Also bounced around btwn 2014-2016 models.

As someone that doesn’t plan to keep a car more than 3-4 years, leasing seems like a good idea. However, I hate the mileage limit. While I will likely drive within lease limits, I don’t want the restriction.

With that said…I’m thinking of leasing for 3years/36K miles…and possibly buying the car at lease end (mostly if I’ve gone over the mileage limit or if the market value appears a good time to sell)

My plan is to sell the car the second the lease is up after it’s been “bought”. My question is how easy is this?

Investing $14-15K over three years is lower than what you would be investing for the same car if you financed. So its seems like a better deal- which is why I question how difficult it would be to turn around and try to sell the car immediately after lease end…what are the fees like?

Sorry for all the questions in one…anyone who has experience is doing this…please share. Thanks!

At the very least, you will be liable for state taxes when you buy the car. Then turning around and selling it does not get you your taxes back. So the state of wherever you live will thank you for your generous contribution.