Locking in BMW MF and Residual


I have one payment left due March 26th on my current lease to take me to my April 26th turn in date. The new car I found is a BMW demo. Is there something I can do to lock in the rate but take delivery in 60 days. A credit app and upfront money? I’m just trying to not get nothing for my last monthly payment. Thanks for your help.

No. The money factor and residual will be based on the month you take delivery.

Yes, an app today on bmwfs’s site will lock-in the February program (mf, lease credits, loyalty credits, etc.) through the end of April. You will be able to use February’s program in April. All of this assumes the car is still around, which is not likely.

I doubt the dealer would hold the car for that, ask them to eat the payment or go half or something

Ok so I can lock them in, but that doesn’t hold the car correct?

Correct. 202020

I don’t know this is correct info where are you getting it from? you lock in the approval not the residual

OP I think that would be a question best posed to one of the people that advertise/contribute on here that are BMW dealers. Sure one will chime in.

No one is dumb enough to hold a demo for you for 60 days…

U lock the program (mf, incentives, residual) but not the car.

No one will hold a new or demo for that long. Building one is a different story.

Personal experience over the past ten years. Bmw blogs, bmw dealers, and brokers on here are in lockstep.

I guess what I’m saying is if you order the vehicle, and had sold order protection meaning you placed a deposit spec’d out your car then yes I could see them holding all the current incentives.

However if you walk into a dealership and they have a vehicle that you like and you did a credit application had them run your credit and for whatever reason walked out of the dealership and didn’t make the deal, you’re telling me you can go back two months from now if the incentives suck at that point and have them backdate an incentive? Sorry I have to disagree on this one.

Hopefully someone that works for BMW can chime in. Otherwise what’s the stop anyone from saying “hey there’s a great incentive right now, let me go do a credit application so that I can go shop for 30 more days and if it doesn’t get better I’ll go back and demand that they give me the previous incentive” there’s a reason why these programs are dated on a month-to-month basis. If BMW does this it would be the first time I have ever heard this being done.

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Having done a credit app to lock in that particular month’s program, the answer is yes with BMW so long as it’s within the two-month period. And it’s not just for the one car, it can be for any car at that dealership in the two months post the credit app. You are welcome to ignore or continue second guessing with pontifications.


If you submit a credit application and it is approved you will lock in MF, Residual and rebates pertaining to that month and for the next 60 days. @Electrifi38 is 100% right on this.


And if the mf lowers in the next 60 days, would I receive it? What about any change in incentives? Thanks

Yes you can take advantage of the newer program in its entirety. Maybe the RV dropped along with the MF but as long as net net its a better deal for you, you can take the current month’s program in its entirety.

You cannot mix and match RV/incentives/etc from a prior month with a new MF or vice versa.