Locked in a solid deal on a 2016 Tiguan RLine 4motion $298/m $0 down

I locked in a very solid deal on a 2016 Tiguan RLine 4motion white exterior black interior this week.

$0 down
$298/month taxes included
No payments for 45 days!

I got:
$1500 lease cash
$1500 conquest cash
$300 Costco credit

.00001 money factor
I don’t remember the residual.

Nice deal! could you post full deal breakdown when you get a chance? interested in trying to replicate it. Thanks!

Very interested in the breakdown as well. How much is the dealer fee, and which dealer if you do not mind sharing?

Great Deal! I’d be interested in the breakdown too. :slightly_smiling:

I got a deal on 28,000 msrp with first payment and tags due at signing for 244 a month. 61 percent residual and .00001 money factor. 1500 vw cash.

Congrats! The Tiguan is one of the best-leasing small SUVs right now. It happens to be a really nice car, too… almost like an Audi Q3 but without the badge.

I am still considering this VW Tiguan lease as all others I am looking at is a really bad deal given the car they are for.
I am looking at a Tiguan for $240 / month (that includes assumed tag, registration, dealer fee, acquisition and disposition fee and tax.

This is just for a standard Tiguan S. Does that look like a good offer?
I am not relying on the lower price I was quoted but if that one actually works out it would be $205, seems an ok deal to me. Now not sure if there are any other fees I am not aware of (dealer fee, acquisition, disposition fee, transfer tag, registration and of course tax).

Even if I assume $600 in services needed for the 3 years I’d be looking at $253 and $228. Seems like one of the better deals I can get (the next best I was able to do is around $195 on a Malibu LTD LS and realized it was not the LT so not even bluetooth or anything for that price)

Is that a Tiguan S for $240/month, $0 due at signing, all taxes and fees included? If so, that sounds pretty good.

Hi Michael,

Well while the offer states $0 due at signing it lists the additional dealer and acquisition fee so take it for what it is worth.I actually forgot one line item so it is $258 per month as it stands.

I calculated it this way
36 payments * $189 = 6,804
Dealer Fee = $699
Acquisition Fee $625
Disposition Fee $350
Title + Transfer Tag $300

= $8,778

  • Tax $527

= $9,305 / 36 = $258

While I have an email with a lower price ($156 per month) I don’t want to count on it yet (that one would come to $223 with above calculation).

Not sure if there is anything else I am missing.