Loaner V60CC 48.1k MSRP 267/month 527 DAS + MSDs

Shocker, another Wagon Volvo deal from HersheySweet! I’m actually taking this one (or my dad is, I’m taking his S60 deal. Deposit is down, and I feel comfortable posting. 17 preincentive, local dealer, no damaged bumper, and it’s a AWD CC, my dad gets his SUV fix, I’m paying for his s60 and I get rid of my Nissan, celebratory carvana flipping the bird pic coming soon! I picked the bone on this with the dealer, manager actually politely admonished me and told me if I found it cheaper he’d pay for it. 2 weeks later, I can’t beat this with lower loyalty and incentives, so I bit.

2020 Volvo V60CC

MSRP: $ 48,100
Monthly Payment: $ 267.xx
Drive-Off Amount: $ 527.xx
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00029
Residual: 54
Incentives: 2,000 Loyalty 2,000 Costco Rebate
Region: TriState
Leasehackr Score: 16.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Nice job! I feel like @mllcb42 when I say this, but separate Volvo Allowance and Lease Bonus from selling price.



Thanks. I am sure this will help @Bostoncarconcierge get a ton of new messages in his inbox to match :laughing:. This the one where it said that the manager was getting upset?

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Yeah, we had a very angry email exchange before he left the same day where I asked for 270, first month das. I’m happy though.


Great deal ! Congrats to you and your father curtis!!


$2k loyalty from PA dealer?

Congrats and I’m jealous!

By local I mean within sane driving distance. It’s not instate per sae, but no crazy drive.



Nicely done man! What are the untaxed incentives in your calculator?

The Volvo allowance/dealer cash.

Great work! Glad that the second Volvo lease did work out for you in the end.

You left $1,300 on the table by not going to MD/VA. Could’ve been low $200s.


Can you elaborate? Is there a regional incentive?

In his case total incentives are $1,300 lower in NE ($2,950+$2,000+$2,000) vs. DMV ($5,750+$2,000+$500).


Interesting - what are the additional incentives in the DMV area? I’m not seeing them listed anywhere.

17% discount is hard to get though. One has no CC loaners, I checked new inventory like you asked.

The other dealer you mentioned never got back to me after I left a message. They only have one car my dad can tolerate, ie color combo for interior/exterior.

I love him, but man he really hates some things I don’t get. I’ll reach out to the other dealer again, my salesman says if I can find it cheaper for a similar car no harm no foul.

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Lower loyalty and extra lease cash.

Even getting 15.5-16% would save you close to $25-30/mo and you didn’t have to get it from my dealers - any MD dealer, like I said in PM :slight_smile:

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