Loaner lease deals relative to 2018

I’m noticing that year-end lease deals this year seem to be significantly higher than around this time in 2018. At least in the NJ/NY area.

Last year we had some killer deals on Mercedes and BMW loaners but it doesn’t seem like it happened this year.

Anyone have any input on what’s causing this?

I’m not sure if its the higher interest rates or if manufacturers have gotten better at controlling supply so they are not being as aggressive. Hopefully things turn around soon.

Well for BMW, residuals were 3 points higher on the 3 series, and interest was lower. X1 had a higher RV. Old model x3 had higher residuals too to clear out the previous gen.

Another reason is manufacturers reigned in the production numbers a bit. Demand was predicted to drop this year. Also predicted for 2019, so don’t get your hopes up unless it drops significantly more than projected, causing a glut of metal rotting.

You kinda hit the nail on the head.

Interest rate rises also