Loaner 2018 BMW 330xi - 49K MSRP - 24/10K $261/mth. DAS - $2400 includes 1st, Bank fee, DMV & NJ tax. - Loyalty Required - NJ/NY/CT

There is a $299 Broker fee for this deal.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 BMW 330xi
MSRP: $ 49K
Monthly Payment: $ 261 per month
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2400 which includes 1st month, Bank fee - $925, NJ tax - $845, DMV etc.
Months: 24 months
Annual Mileage: 10,000. For 12K/yr the Monthly increases to $280/mth
MF: 0.00177 increased to 0.00227 by waiving bank fee and applying it as down.
Residual: 65%
Available Incentives: Lease cash of $4500 + $1000 loyalty both applied to deal. New Grad rebate will also be processed on this deal making this a crazy deal.
Leasehackr Score: 13.5 years

The $2400 due at signing includes 1st month, Bank fee of $925 waived and applied as down payment, NJ tax and NJ DMV. If you are from another state then your actual numbers will apply and will increase the DAS amount.

Shipping is not an option as this is a local deal only.

If you don’t have loyalty the monthly increases to $305/mth after applying lease cash incentives.

Grad rebate is the only incentive that can be applied for this deal on top of the included incentives.

Ask your husband/wife, family members or Girlfriend/Boyfriend before reaching out to me.

If you still have any questions read the whole post again.

If you are ready to move on send me your full name, contact number where you will register the car and I will call you to finalize the deal.

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How many miles on this loaner? And where is pickup in NJ?