Loaner 2018 Benz C300 - First time leaser. Help

Hi all,

I am leasing the first time so looking for help in understanding this deal:

  • 2018 Benz C-300
  • Loaner vehicle with current mileage at 4500
  • MSRP at $43625
  • Sale Price at $34980
  • Residual Value at $24900
  • 5k down-payment
  • $300/month(including tax)
  • 7500 miles/year (I dont drive a lot).
  • 36 month term

What other numbers should I ask for? Is this a good deal?

Thank you in advance!

Why would you put $5k down? You should use that money towards MSDs instead.

I’d suggest reading other C300 loaner threads so you can see just how awful yours is

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With 10 MSDs worth $3k out of my 5k down, my payment goes down to 248/month. Any thoughts on what else can be improved?

Huge thanks for all the help so far. I’m learning so much :slight_smile:

Hi folks, Can anyone help here? I would really appreciate any thoughts.

Max msd’s and ask for the MF and compare to what’s on edmunds. Then squeeze them for 25% off and make sure it’s at buy rate on the MF before applying msd’s.

would you mind explaining the buy rate on the MF before applying msd part?

EDIT: are you saying to make sure the mf wasn’t marked up prior to the MSDs?

What do you mean? I dont follow

Yes, aim for no mark up.

@joeblogs How does this look for a target?

Your residual is wrong, this is what i’d shoot for. I got the MF from edmunds and adjusted the cash down and MSD’s, I’m no Benz expert but this is what I’d propose. Not sure if you have the plates and taxes right either.

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Thank you. I’ll work on this further

yep, what @joeblogs mentioned, I am looking at c300 loaners too. 57% is standard residual for November but loaners with more than 3k miles will have adjusted residual, check with the dealer on this. also, standard MF is .00047.

I wouldn’t put anything down except MSDs and roll everything (taxes, fees) in to monthly payment.

I just used the number he posted $24900/$43625=.57

In this case, RV is decreased by only $300, so it doesn’t affect the payment much at all. 57% vs 56.39%. :joy: