Loaded 2018 MB GLA250 4matic $440/mo 15 mos remain

Loaded, black on black, every option, great car but moving out of country. Pictures, Carfax/VIN, etc. upon request. Can arrange shipping.

You’ll need to post a bit more information than that, and why not provide photos/window sticker in the first post? You also might have a hard to moving that here w/o an incentive.

Payment: +tax
Current mileage:
Total allowed:
Months left:
additional deets


Good luck OP. Nobody on this site will be interested until a sizable incentive is offered, I’m afraid, as stated above.

This is SwapALease material. GLWT


C’mon now, guys. No need to be obtuse. OP said “Loaded, black on black, every option.” That means it has an MSRP (well, OK, by 2019 standards) of $57,925. $440/mo for $58k MSRP is a darned good deal.


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