LKNYC September BMW Deals (Updated 9/16) 530, X3, X5, X6 Added*

Lease Kings NYC September BMW deals. All deals are plus tax, dmv, 1st month, and MSDs. $500 broker fee on all deals. Free delivery to tristate residents on case by case basis. These deals require BMW Loyalty, subtract $1000 if you do not qualify. I will be adding more inventory today. The 2019s will not last. Send all inquiries through TEXT please. Makes it easier for me to keep up with everything. I’ll respond as soon as possible. 347-659-2922.

Hi, do any of the 540’s on the spreadsheet come with M Sport package? Thanks in advance

I don’t believe any of those have the M Sport Package. I have a 530 that I haven’t posted yet that has it.

do you have any m340ix deal ?

I should, I’m actually pricing some out now. PM exactly what you need. I’ll send over specs before i post them.

Are the taxes and fees accurate? Looking to get into a 330i

Tax isn’t included in the payments. Just updated 330 prices.

Posting some X5s today. PM me if you need any other SAV.

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I cannot find the X5s that you just mentioned.

Was out of commission this past weekend guys. Sorry for any inconvenience. Will be updating daily now. Please PM or email ( for specific requests.

Any of your x6 m sports?

I’ll check for you now

Hi, are the 540is you posted 2020?

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They"re all 2019. Are you specifically looking for 2020?

Do any of the X5s have the M Sport package?

price on loaner x6 zip 10314 w/ loyalty bmw 328i ending in nov

Yes, please PM me if you got something like that.

Will PM you with that today

Ok. Will do.

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