Live in So Cal and Moving to So Flo

I will be making a move back to Miami from Los Angeles and my lease is up right around the time I move. I plan on turning it in a few weeks early and then leasing a new SUV out in Miami. From your experience is it worth leasing a car here and shipping across the country (@ $1200) or is it about the same difference leasing when I get there. Getting there labor day weekend so I might get lucky and score a sale but who knows if the sales would still be worse than a California lease. I’m looking for a Midsize SUV for the wife. Possibly a Grand Cherokee, Edge, or Santa Fe. Anyone have any thoughts or should I just get a broker that works somewhere close to Florida and save the hassle of shipping and waiting for the car to arrive.



OP check the Marketplace posts for FL. Feel free to send me a pm if you have any questions. Thanks

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What others said, I’ll just add: you probably need to narrow this list if you want to get something when you land in a few weeks. Have you driven the current model years of all of these?

Good luck with the move.

I saw your post for the Lexus, Honda and Infinity. Do you work with any of the others I mentioned?

I have driven every car, I work for a rental car company. Its narrowed down as much as I can as far as the favorites. Now we just have to see which one of these has the best bang for my buck. Thank you

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