Live at the NY International Auto Show

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Check out the Gladiator?

Nice! you have a media pass or something to get the early access?

I’m jealous. Hate going when it’s all crowded except I’d imagine it’s still pretty crowded even with early access lol

Did Alfa bring the Tonale or Giulietta with them?

Any measles?


This is a little funny, but it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, that outbreak is very prevalent in the hasidic community right now. Every year, because they are off for Passover, there is a large hasidic presence at the NY auto show. I’d laugh but there’s probably some truth to this…

any OL codes or any incentive codes being given out?

Well, I have my reasons to worry about it too.

just measles.


They brought an F1 car and a 4C Spider, otherwise it’s all Giulias and Stelvios

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AMG GT family looking hot


Did they bring Kimi Raikkonen with them?

Haven’t seen him and doubt it. Might be the most press-averse athlete alive.

Hot take on the new Outback (XT preferably)?

I wouldn’t call him “averse”… I just think that he’s doesn’t really GAF about it all and just wants to race. He’s always responsive in his special way, which can be really fun stuff depending on how many drinks he’s had.

Anyone heard of these guys?


Anything from Nio? Rumor has it, they were supposed to be previewing at NAIAS

Can you snap any interiors of the new 2020 BMW Ms???

R8 stunning as always. However a beautiful RS5 SB in Nardo Grey isn’t helped by being directly behind the R8 and otherwise surrounded by a wall of white cars which doesn’t help Nardo pop at all. They could have placed it on the other side of the display where regular A3 etc are placed.

E-tron and Q8


Those Matte, frozen or Satin Finishes are NICE!!!