Little help please... 2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti Sport or Lusso Lease

I heard there were some prettty good Stelvio deals to be had for 24 month, 10,000 mile lease terms so started poking around. So far, even with the holiday weekend, I haven’t seen some of the great deals I was anticipating. Attached is a proposal I received that is towards the lower end of offers I’ve gotten.LeaseProposal|386x499

I’m rethinking options but am pretty settled on a Ti Sport or Ti Lusso with a chocolate interior and a Green/Blue/Brown exterior. I’m becoming more and more flexible on options, though if I went with the Sport I’d probably also want the Performance Package.

Thanks in advance!

Possibly one of the poorest deals for a Stelvio Ti.

Judging by MSRP, looks as if you’re trying to get a fully loaded one. Have you considered a Ti Sport
closer to 50k MSRP? That seems to be where the sweet spot on these deals are.

The more features and higher the MSRP, naturally
The more will pay.

What are the incentives rolled into the discount? I feel as if you can do better. Too much money down, as well.

Should be 0 DAS or if you must, just the taxes, tags, titles, and fees DAS. Or try just to do first month down.

You should be shooting for well over 12% discount before incentives to get this car. These are not
Moving very well and there should be plenty of incentives to move the metal on these cars. What’s the FCA RV and MF look like? I noticed you’re doing this with Ally financial.

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Ok. That’s what I thought. I seem to be having a tough time having dealers get back to me with actual lease terms and they are throwing out some wild numbers on much lesser models.
This is the only “real” proposal I’ve received so, unfortunately, I can’t comment on what FCA is actually offering here.

I agree that going lower MSRP is the way to go. Any thoughts on where to go or with whom?

westbury Alfa on Long Island May have some deals.

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I’ve been trying to get some decent numbers from Westbury since they seem to have a fairly large inventory but they don’t seem that interested (or motivated) to provide even decent lease terms.
Feels as if most of the NY metro area Alfa dealers just don’t offer the best available deals.

I’m trying to take my search further out, but just wish I could search new Alfa inventory more than 150 miles away from their website.

I was able to negotiate a deal at ~$540ish a month with 1000 down. 24/10k on a TI sport with 50k msrp. I worked decently hard to get that deal, but its not quite good enough for me. I think I will spring for an X3 loaner which I can get for a bit cheaper.

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Yep, I’ve been searching high and low with different reactions from different dealers. Some dealers with tons of Stelvios on the lot have no interest in even coming close to some of the mid-level proposals I’ve received. Others just plain refuse to do anything via email. (FYI - I have found that giving my phone number to dealers automatically triggers a wave of robocalls and unsolicited offers).

With that being said, I’ve been able to move the needle on a few dealers but the best I’ve found so far is pretty much down to ~$600 per month with $0 down on a ~$55k MSRP. Good for a 8.3 Year LeaseHackr Calculator score. Its not in the no-brainer category but getting closer. Of course, I would have to travel pretty far to get that deal (or something like it) which would negate some of the benefits of the deal.

On another forum, someone actually suggested taking a look at a Mazda CX-5 Signature to compare against the Stelvio, but the lease numbers are, shockingly, in the same territory even though there is a $20k difference in MSRP between them.

That place was the worst 1.5 years ago. Hundreds more PER month then Ramsey NJ where we got ours from. If needed I can supply the contact.


Can you supply contract? I am interested in getting a deal from Ramsey. Been dealing with westbury so far.

Agreed. Westbury has had the worst lease terms by far when I’ve been comparing proposals. With the amount of Stelvios they have on the lot, I’m surprised they aren’t more flexible.

I’d also be interested in the deal you were able to get at Ramsay. They haven’t been quite as forthcoming over email but maybe I haven’t dealt with the right person there.
Fullerton has been a bit more flexible but limited in how far they are willing to move on the numbers.

Was able to get 520ish a month from westbury 24/10, 1000 due at signing at westbury. 50K ti sport.

I opted to go with a bmw x3 instead. Good luck!

Mind posting the proposal from Westbury? I haven’t seen anywhere close to those numbers from them.
How’s the X3?

Did some serious negotiations. However, all of it over the phone. So unfortunately, I do not have a proposal:/. The deals can be had, but it requires a lot of work. I think I went back and forth 5-6 times to get those numbers. In the end, the X3 just gave me the better deal because of loyalty+loaner.

Try these guys, i flew there from Miami for a Giulia last year

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I’ve had the same experience recently in NJ. Settled at 525ish w/ 2k down on a 51k sport AWD. (happened to be perfectly optioned with how I would have ordered through a build sheet too) That was with a decent amount of back-and-forth. Probably could do better waiting it out or shopping 200 miles around, but at some point trying to save $23/month with the “best” deal possible doesn’t become worth it…

Congrats on your purchase - any regrets?