List of places to sell or value your car online

Well, maybe not any car….th’ers, if this belongs in off ramp, feel free to move.


I’m suspicious of that user name


Username totally checks out.

I think @mllcb42 was pointing at 'blessed", its the new thing

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Someone needs to add Clutch to the list in the first post.

I just deposited the equity check from the sale Clutch brokered. Clutch brought me an offer $3,000 more than anyone on that list. Subtract $500 broker fee and that’s still $2,500 more than the best I could do on my own, and I didn’t have to pay the broker fee until after I accepted the offer.


Is @Clutch an option nationwide or just in their footprint?


Added Trade-in Solutions

Also tagged the companies who are reported to accept lessor-released titles:

  • GiveMeTheVin
  • Trade-in Solutions
  • WhipFlip
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WhipFlip told me they wouldn’t buy in CA.

That is good to know, and news to me. I had a quote from them less than 30 days ago. I will update the wiki now.

Carshop added…

Has anyone had experience with RevvUp? It is app-based, but wanted to get feedback since you have to download the app and register, and not sure if it is worth it. Not much on Google…

Just an update if your car is too new (2022) or a lease:

Does not buy leases:
Car Gurus

Does not buy 2022:

No Instant Offer for 2022:
True Car

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Trade in solutions told me they could not buy leased cars through Mercedes Benz Financial

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Maybe add us to this list?

We can purchase almost all brands besides Volvo

You can buy financed Volvo though. I got one :slight_smile:

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this is true!

We have been beating most if not all offers! Send us your cars!

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Latest edits:

Trade-in-Solutions has been moved to smaller operators. only values cars now.

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